Electrical motors Koncar electromagnetic brakes.

METRORAD‘s supply for Electrical Motors and Electromagnetic Brakes

The quest for precision, efficiency, and safety in cargo handling has ushered in a transformative era, epitomized by the symbiotic integration of electromagnetic brakes and electrical motors into vessel’s electrical driven crane and winch systems like are: K-FDW, 7ABZ, 5ABZ, SWL, VAAZ, etc.

The core innovation lies in the electromagnetic brake, an intricate engineering marvel meticulously crafted for the dynamic demands of maritime lifting. Utilizing electromagnetic force, these brakes afford an unprecedented level of control, facilitating instantaneous and pinpoint braking during crane operations.

This quantum leap in precision not only augments safety but redefines the operational envelope by enabling rapid load adjustments, setting a new standard for responsiveness in maritime lifting scenarios. The adaptability of electromagnetic brakes extends beyond their superior control dynamics. Engineered with a focus on seamless integration, these systems not only streamlines the assimilation of advanced technology but also renders it economically viable for marine superintendents seeking to enhance the operational efficiency of their fleets.

In alignment with the maritime industry’s collective commitment to sustainability, this technology optimizes energy consumption, affording a sustainable alternative without compromising operational acumen.

Chart your course with full THRUST AHEAD and make the conscientious choice for maintenance, and efficiency characterized by technical excellence with METRORAD’s supply for Electrical Motors, Cranes, Winches, Electromagnetic Brakes and Axial Fans.


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Electrical motors Koncar electromagnetic brakes.
Electrical motors Koncar electromagnetic brakes.