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Seawater pumps are critical components used in various industries, such as maritime, offshore, and desalination, where resistance to corrosion and durability are essential. Bronze (NiAl Bronze, ASTM B584), as is widely recognized for its excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.

The exact composition of the bronze is used in the make of subject pump casing to replace an old, worn out Eureka Jugoturbina pump part and should be specified to determine its specific properties, such as tensile strength, hardness, and resistance to erosion.

The primary advantage of using bronze for a seawater pump casing is its high resistance to corrosion, especially in a corrosive environment like seawater. The bronze alloy possess superior resistance to both galvanic and pitting corrosion, preventing the formation of corrosion byproducts that could negatively impact the pump’s performance and lifespan.

In demanding applications, such as seawater pumps, reliability is crucial and the factors such as the casing’s resistance to fatigue, stress cracking, and erosion due to high-velocity seawater flow are assessed in the process of production of such capital spare part like this casing which is in use at vessel’s Main Seawater Pump, the biggest pump in vertical in-line CG pump family – CGE 300 / CGE 350 in EHD variant.

Capacity flow of the subject pump is 1000 m3/h @ 30 mwc and power of 125 kW and this huge pump casing weights 300 kg. With more than 10,000 items available in stock, METRORAD is a competitive supplier for most of EUREKA, THUNE, JUGOTURBINA, CROATIA spare parts, and a range of complete vertical in-line pumps: CGA 50, CGA 65, CGB 80, CGB 100, CGC 125, CGC 150, CGD 200, CGD 250, CGE 300, CGE 350.

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