We’re right place whether you require components for pumping or electrical systems, navigation or any other vital marine systems. Our spare parts are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, ensuring smooth operations and minimal downtime. Durability and resilience are at the core of our spare parts, built to withstand the harsh conditions of the open seas.


We utilize top-grade materials and advanced manufacturing controlling processes of our suppliers to ensure longevity and optimal functionality of supplied equipment, even in the most challenging environments. When you choose our marine spare parts, you gain access to a comprehensive range that includes everything from engine components to pumps, valves, filters, and much more.


Extensive inventory and prompt availability guarantee that you can quickly procure needed parts, reducing the impact of unexpected failures. Our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. Aftersales support are ready to assist you every step of the way. Whether you need technical guidance, installation assistance, or timely delivery, we are here to provide unparalleled service and support.


Invest in the reliability and performance of your marine systems with our top-of-the-line spare parts. Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the difference our products make in ensuring smooth sailing and uninterrupted operations. Choose quality, choose dependability, choose our marine spare parts for a voyage without compromise.

Supply complete new pumps CG pump types: CGA 50, CGA 65, CGB 80, CGB 100, CGC 125, CGC 150, CGD 200, CGD 250 and CGE 300, CGE 350 for Hamworthy, Kværner Eureka, Thune Eureka, Jugoturbina, Wartsila, Tvornica Turbina, Croatia Pumps, Karlovac, Drammen. Vertical In-Line CG pump with electric motor or CG bare-shaft pump without motor. Vertical in-line single stage pump in single suction impeller, radially split casing with flexible spacer coupling and hydrodynamic sleeve bearing. Reliable service life and constructed as single stage vertical centrifugal pump for Transfer Bilge, Ballast, Cooling water, Fire and General Service common in for fresh or sea water in use for tanker vessels, cargo ships, cruiser liners, car carriers, container ships built in 3.MAJ, Uljanik, Sava, Titovo, Kraljevica, Brodosplit, Brodotrogir, Singapore, Gdynia, Gdansk. Built in versions BAN, FAN, AAN, ASV, V48, V84, HD, EHD with Bronze, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron. Large scope of spares Pump Shaft, Impeller, Casing, Cover, Bearing Cover, Wear Ring, Mechanical Seal for versions CGA 50 V48, CGA 65 V84, CGB 80 BAN, CGB 100 FAN, CGC 125 AAN, CGC 150 V48 BAN, CGD 200 V48, CGD 250 HD V48 BAN and CGE 300 EHD BAN, CGE 350 HD AAN. JUGOTURBINA Croatia Pumpe, Thune Eureka, Hamworthy, Kvaerner, Turbine, Svanehoj models CGA 50, CGA 65, CGB 80, CGB 100, CGC 125, CGC 150, CGD 200. CGD 250, CGE 300, CGE 350, Karlovac, Daruvar, Kvaerner, Spare Parts, Pumps, Vertical In Line, Thune, Shipyard, Wartsila, Bronze, Pump Parts Screw, gear, piston, rotary or centrifugal type end suction, vertical inline, multistage, split case, axial propeller, for fresh or sea water, oil, sewage water, or ballast and cargo handling pumps. HAMWORTHY, GARBARINO, THUNE EUREKA, DESMI, KRAL, BOMBAS AZCUE, KSB, IRON, NANIWA, EBARA, IMO, LEISTRIZT, ALLWEILER, BORNEMANN. Tvornica turbina, pumpe, production, Jugoslavija, Croatia, Croatia Pumps, Kvaerner, Wartsila, CGA 50, CGA 65, CGB 80, CGB 100, CGC 125, CGC 150, CGD 200. CGD 250, CGE 300, CGE 350, Bronze, Steel, Impeller, Stainless Steel, Mechanical Seal, Wear Ring, Pump Casing, Motor Pedestal, RPPm, VSm, CH, PSN, BV, BVm, PAK, PAS, PASVOK, PAHOK, PAVOK, MPD, Uljanik, Shipyard, 3.MAJ, Brodosplit, Kraljevica, Sava, Brodogradiliste, Končar, Electrical motor. CGA 50, CGA 65, CGB 80, CGB 100, CGC 125, CGC 150, CGD 200. CGD 250, CGE 300, CGE 350, FAN, BAN, ASV, AAN, NiAl Bronze, SKF, FAG. Supply vessels, offshore, oil rig, tanker ship, container vessel, car carriers, turbine, pump engine room, deck pumps, shipowners, vesseltracker, shipserv, managers, shipmanagers, shipyards, Croatia, owners, technical managements, Grimaldi, Thome, Wilhelmsen, Greece, Singapore, Norway.

Supply complete new screw pump types: PAK 20-2N, PAK 25-2N, PAK 32-2K, PAK 32-2N, PAK 32-2D30, PAK 38-2N, PAS 45-2K, PAS 45-2N, PAS 52-2K, PAS 52-2N, PAS 60-2K, PAS 60-2N, VPA-20-3N, VPA-25-3N, VPA-32-3N, PAHVGOK 70-2N, PAHVK 110-2N, PASVOK, PASK, PAHVK, PVPKU, ZOL-3, ZOL-5, ZOL-8, ZOL-12, ZOL-20, ZOL-32, ZOL-50, ZOL-80, ZOL-125, ZOLSG, PZG for MPD, Daruvar, Hamworthy, Kværner Eureka, Thune Eureka, Jugoturbina, Wartsila, Tvornica Turbina, Croatia Pumps, Karlovac, Leistritz. Three screw pumps with electric or pneumatic motor. Reliable service life and robust construction for loading/offloading, dosing and circulation of light and heavy fuels, lubricating and hydraulic oils, and other self-lubricating non-aggressive fluids, manipulation of light oil derivatives, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuels, alcohol, solvents, liquefied gases, manipulation of ammonia, freon, liquefied petroleum gas. Multiple casing models and form. In application in shipbuilding in use for tanker vessels, cargo ships, cruiser liners, car carriers, container ships built in 3.MAJ, Uljanik, Sava, Titovo, Kraljevica, Brodosplit, Brodotrogir, Singapore, Gdynia, Gdansk. Built in versions BAN, FAN, AAN, ASV, V48, V84, HD, EHD with Bronze, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron. Large scope of spares Pump Shaft, Impeller, Casing, Cover, Bearing Cover, Wear Ring, Mechanical Seal for versions PAK 20-2N, PAK 25-4NM, PAK 32-4NM, PAK 32-4N, PAK 32-2D30, PAK 38-4N, PAS 45-4N, PAS 45-4N, PAS 52-2K, PAS 52-4NM, PASVOK 60-2K, PASVOK 60-2N, VPA-20-3N, VPA-25-3N, VPA-32-3N, PAHVGOK 70-4N, PAHVK 110-4N, PASVOK, PASOK, PAHVK, PVPKU, ZOL-2, ZOL-4, ZOL-6, ZOL-10, ZOL-25, ZOL-36, ZOL-55, ZOL-90, ZOL-125, ZOLSG, PZG, PSN.

Pump series CGA / CGB / CGC / CGD / CGE

In successful supply of robust vertical in-line marine pumps delivery time and high quality standards are must.

We have successfully delivered a customized heavy-duty centrifugal vertical in-line, bronze volute casing sea-water fire-fighting pump with a capacity flow of 100m3/h @ 90 mwc head for our long-term overseas client. The pump is intended to replace an old pump on board an RO-RO vehicle ferry, but with the use of the existing electrical motor drive. The pump body, covers, and impeller are made of bronze and are suitable for use with sea-water. This pump is designed to completely replace old systems and similar CGA, CGB, CGC, CGD, and CGE pump families.

The subject vertical CGB 80 pumps are durable, robust, and high-quality products with superb components that are built-in and designed to ensure uninterrupted operations. We pay special attention to the pump’s applications with a focus on enhancing reliability and achieving the best performance. Ultimate accessibility and high efficiency in the toughest and most critical operating conditions are a must and an undiscussable quality standard for pumps used on vessels sailing in open high seas. In addition to quality materials, simplicity in design, and prompt availability of spare parts from our aftersales support, your pumping systems will be in absolute strength for your full thrust ahead!

CGB 100 Eureka Pump
cg pump spares

Vertical In-Line Pump Spare Parts for CGA / CGB / CGC / CGD / CGE

As the demand for vessel performance continues to increase, pumps are vital and responsible for circulating fluids throughout the ship. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that they are well-maintained and operating efficiently, and this cannot be overstated. That’s why we have a quality control process in place to ensure that our spares meet the highest standards. Just like here, where the share of the spare parts, usually needed in pump overhaul, including AISI steel pump shafts, bronze bearing bushes and impeller wear rings, sleeves, covers, and discs, have passed quality control before dispatch to the end-user. With more than 10,000 items available in stock, we can provide prompt delivery, making us a competitive supplier for most of EUREKA, THUNE, JUGOTURBINA, CROATIA, KVAERNER spare parts, and even a range of complete vertical in-line pumps: CGA 50, CGA 65, CGB 80, CGB 100, CGC 125, CGC 150, CGD 200, CGD 250, CGE 300, and CGE 350.

Vertical In-line single stage volute casing pump is most common used pump in the vessel’s pump room, with it’s primary application for cooling, general service, firefighting or ballast, and can be made from Stainless Steel, Cast Iron or Bronze for handling fresh, sea or bilge water even with solid particles. Experience the comprehensive supply of our custom-made stainless steel impellers and voulute bronze casings meticulously designed for pumps operating on vessels in the high seas reflect our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions. In addition to stainless steel impellers, we also offer impellers made of bronze material, catering to diverse customer needs. Rest assured, each impeller undergoes stringent engineering processes to ensure its reliability and longevity. Choose a trusted partner for your demanding projects. Enhance your operations with our exceptional impellers, engineered to excel in the most challenging environments.

Pump Series – Horizontal End Suction

With bronze impellers, designed and customized for
reliability in marine use.

We have successfully delivered a two units of customized centrifugal horizontal volute casing sea-water pumps with a capacity flow of 5m3/h @ 40 mwc head for our long-term client. Both units are aggregated with new electrical motor drive. The pumps are intended to replace an old pumps on board at vehicle ferry. The pump impellers are made of bronze and are suitable for use with sea-water. This pump is designed to completely replace old #Jugoturbina and #Eureka systems in #NNm, #NKm, #INm and similar pump families.

The aforementioned horizontal pumps exhibit exceptional durability, robustness, and superior quality, incorporating meticulously engineered components to guarantee uninterrupted operations. Our primary emphasis lies in optimizing reliability and achieving optimal performance for pump applications. Unparalleled accessibility and outstanding efficiency under the most challenging and critical operating conditions are indispensable prerequisites and non-negotiable quality standards for pumps employed on vessels navigating through open high seas. Alongside utilizing premium-grade materials, our design prioritizes simplicity, while our responsive aftersales support ensures the swift availability of spare parts. Rest assured, your pumping systems will possess unwavering strength, enabling you to propel full thrust ahead!

Pumps Horizontal Marine Jugoturbina
Axial Fans

Delivery of two complete units of replacement axial fans.

Custom designed for an overseas shipowner, with working parameters of 70000 m3/h airflow; 700 Pa total pressure, temperature range -60 deg Celsius up to +175 deg Celsius; revolution 1750 RPM; 21kW power. Designed and produced in Croatia, delivered via special airfreight delivery. Size of the unit is 1200mm outer diameter, packed 160x120x170cm weighted 550 kg.

Marine axial fans are crucial components in marine ventilation systems, designed to efficiently circulate air and ensure optimal conditions in various compartments of a vessel. These high-performance fans are specifically engineered to withstand the demanding environments encountered at sea, providing reliable and continuous operation. The design of marine axial fans emphasizes efficiency and robustness. With advanced aerodynamic principles, these fans are optimized for maximum airflow while minimizing energy consumption. This results in effective air exchange, contributing to a comfortable and safe onboard environment. The fan blades are precisely engineered to achieve optimal balance and performance, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing noise and vibration. Accessible components and quick-release mechanisms facilitate swift inspection, cleaning, and replacement of parts when necessary. This helps minimize downtime and ensures the longevity of the ventilation system. Range of marine axial fans we can supply variety of sizes, airflow capacities, and installation options to suit different vessel requirements. Whether for cargo holds, engine rooms, accommodation areas, or other compartments, our fans are engineered to deliver optimal performance and maintain air quality, regardless of the operating conditions.

JUGOTURBINA Sulzer/ Engine spare parts AL-20/24, AL-25/30, AV-25/30, ASL-25/30, ATL-25, ATV-25/30, BH/BAH 22, 29, RLA/B 56, 66, 76, 90, 56, 66, 76, 90 RLB, 52, 58, 62, 68, 72, 76, 84 RT/RTA, 56,66,76,90 RLA/B, RD 44, 56, 68, 76, 90, 68, 76, 90, 105 RND, 36, 48 TD/TAD, S-20, Z-40, ZA-40, ZA-40S, ZL/ZV 40/48, TW-24, LD-28, MD-51, RND & RNDM. JUGOTURBINA MAN  spare parts 26MTBH-40 (Litostroj), DKRN 50/110, DKRN 74/160-2, VT2BF (50/110), 6S28L, L70MC, L80MC, S26MC, S35MC, S50MC, S60MC, S70MC, S80MC, L16/24 (Holeby), T23HU (Litostroj),L16/24, L20/27, L21/31, L23/30, L27/38, L-V28/32 (Holeby), V32/40, L32/40, L40/45, L58/64. We can cover all you needs with varios types of engines and spares like: MAN B&W, SULZER, WARTSILA, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, PERKINS, DEUTZ, LISTER BLACKSTONE, SCANIA, MTU, MITSUBISHI, DAIHATSU, HITACHI, DAEWOO, HYUNDAI, PEILSTICK, YANMAR, VOLVO PENTA, BERGEN DIESEL and many more. We have large stocks of spare parts for all common types of: MAN, SULZER, PIELSTICK, THUNE EUREKA,, CROATIA PUMPE, HAMWORTHY, MPD, KVAERNER, KONCAR, SEVER, ABB, ISKRA, KBB, MAN, NAPIER, VULKAN, JOHN CRANE, PACIFIC, AESSEAL JUGOTURBINA Croatia Pumpe NN, IN, NK, KK, KK/2, SUE, LU, VK, RPPm, RPP 16-2,5, RPP 16-4, SOK 16-4, SOK 17-5, SOM 9,4-3,2, SOM 8,8-3,2, SOM 10,5-3,2, SOM 12,5-3,2, SVVm 13-3, SVVm 13-4, SVVm 12-3,2, VSm 16-5, VSm 21-8, BV2am28-6,5, BV32-10, BV32-10, BVm28-8, BVm 28-15, BVm32-15, PSNm 32-20, PSNm 34-20, PSNm 37,5-20, CH 60-30, DHm 52-25, DH 30-15, VNK 25-10, ZH, JUGOTURBINA Thune Eureka CGA 50, CGA 65, CGB 80, CGB 100, CGC 125, CGC 150, CGD 200. CGD 250, CGE 300, CGE 350, C12BA, C22BA, C32BA, C42BB, C42BB, C52BB, C62BB, CAC200, CAC250, CAC300, CAD350, CAD400, CAD450, CAD500 JUGOTURBINA MPD PAK 20-2N, PAK 25-2N, PAK 32-2K, PAK 32-2N, PAK 32-2D30, PAK 38-2N, PAS 45-2K, PAS 45-2N, PAS 52-2K, PAS 52-2N, PAS 60-2K, PAS 60-2N, VPA-20-3N, VPA-25-3N, VPA-32-3N, PAHVGOK 70-2N, PAHVK 110-2N, PASVOK, PASK, PAHVK, PVPKU, ZOL-3, ZOL-5, ZOL-8, ZOL-12, ZOL-20, ZOL-32, ZOL-50, ZOL-80, ZOL-125, ZOLSG, PZG We can offer large scope of new or replacement pumps and spare parts for tham. Either they are screw, gear, piston, rotary or centrifugal type. We can offer: end suction, vertical inline, multistage, split case, axial propeller, for fresh or sea water, oil, sewage water, or ballast and cargo handling pumps. We can cover: HAMWORTHY, GARBARINO, SPERRE, THUNE EUREKA, DESMI, KRAL, BOMBAS AZCUE, KSB, IRON, NANIWA, EBARA, IMO, LEISTRIZT, ALLWEILER, BORNEMANN, and more. We have large stocks of spare parts for all common types of: MAN, SULZER, PIELSTICK, THUNE EUREKA, CROATIA PUMPE, HAMWORTHY, MPD, KVAERNER, KONCAR, SEVER, ABB, ISKRA, KBB, MAN, NAPIER, VULKAN, JOHN CRANE, PACIFIC, AESSEAL, JUGOTURBINA Electric motors, Series 5,7,8, Types AZ, AZP, AZPV, AZC, AZCD, AZCS, AZA, ABZ, AZE, AZH, AZK, AT, AZS, AZN, AZD. 56A-2, 56B-2, 56B-2, 63A-2, 63B-2, 63B-2, 71A-2, 71B-2, 71B-2, 80A-2, 80B-2, 80B-2, 90S-2, 90L-2, 100L-2, 100L-2, 112M-2, 112M-2, 132SA-2, 132SB-2, 132M-2, 132M-2, 160MA-2, 160MB-2, 160L-2, 160L-2, 180M-2, 180L-2, 200LA-2, 200LB-2, 225M-2, 250M-2, 280S-2, 280M-2, 315S-2, 315M-2, 315LA-2, 132SA-2, 132SB-2, 160MA-2, 160MB-2, 160L-2, 180M-2, 200LA-2, 200LB-2, 225M-2, 250M-2, 280S-2, 280M-2, 315S-2, 315M-2, 315LA-2, 56A-4, 56B-4, 56B-4, 63A-4, 63B-4, 63B-4, 71A-4, 71B-4, 71C-4, 80A-4, 80B-4, 80C-4, 90S-4, 90L-4 ,90LC-4, 100LA-4, 100LB-4, 100LB-4, 112M-4, 112M-4, 132S-4, 132M-4, 132MA-4, 132MA-4, 160M-4, 160L-4, 180M-4, 180L-4, 180LA-4, 200L-4, 225S-4, 225M-4, 250M-4, 280S-4, 280M-4, 315S-4, 315M-4, 315LA-4, 132S-4, 132M-4, 160M-4, 160L-4, 180M-4, 180L-4, 200L-4, 225S-4, 225M-4, 250M-4, 280S-4, 280M-4, 315S-4, 315M-4, 315LA-4, 56B-6, 63A-6, 63B-6, 71A-6, 71B-6, 80A-6, 80B-6, 80C-6, 90S-6, 90L-6, 100L-6, 112M-6, 112MA-6, 132S-6, 132MA-6, 132MB-6, 160M-6, 160L-6, 180L-6, 180LA-6, 200LA-6, 200LB-6, 225M-6, 250M-6, 280S-6 280M-6, 315S-6, 315M-6, 315LA-6, 132S-6, 132MA-6, 132MB-6, 160M-6, 160L-6, 180L-6, 200LA-6, 200LB-6, 225M-6, 250M-6, 280S-6, 280M-6, 315S-6, 315M-6, 315LA-6, 56B-8, 63B-8, 63C-8, 71A-8, 71B-8, 71C-8, 80A-8, 80B-8, 90S-8, 90L-8, 90LC-8, 100LA-8, 100LB-8, 112M-8, 112MA-8, 132S-8, 132M-8, 160MA-8, 160MB-8, 160L-8, 180L-8, 180LA-8, 200L-8, 225S-8, 225M-8, 250M-8, 280S-8, 280M-8, 315S-8, 315M-8, 315LA-8, 132S-8, 132M-8, 160MA-8, 160MB-8, 180L-8, 180L-8, 200L-8, 225S-8, 225M-8, 250M-8, 280S-8, 280M-8, 315S-8, 315M-8, 315LA-8. Versions V3, B1, IP54, IP55, IP65 Class. At any time we can supply you with large scope of electric equipement, AC and DC motors, hydraulic motors, power generators, transformators, centrifugal and axial fans, blowers, heat exchengers, heaters, switches, converters, all other ATEX equipment and more. In our scope of supply you can satisfy your need with: LEROY SOMER, WEG, ATB SEVER, TECO, MARELLI, ISKRA, KONCAR, HYUNDAI, DUTCHI, BEVI, ABB, SIEMENS and more. We have large stocks of spare parts for all common types of: MAN, SULZER, PIELSTICK, THUNE EUREKA, CROATIA PUMPE, HAMWORTHY, MPD, KVAERNER, KONCAR, SEVER, ABB, ISKRA, KBB, MAN, NAPIER, VULKAN, JOHN CRANE, PACIFIC, AESSEAL, JUGOTURBINA MAN/ Turbochargers NA NR/NS TCR, TCA, PDH NR12/R, NR15/R, NR17/R, NR20/R, NR24/R, NR26/R, NR29/R, NR34/R, NA29/T, NA40/T, NA48/T, NA57/T, NA70/T, NA29/S, NA40/S, NA48/S, NA57/S, NA79/S, TCR12, TCR14, TCR16, TCR18, TCR20, TCR22, TCA33, TCA44, TCA55, TCA66, TCA77, TCA88, PDH25, PDH35, PDH50, PDH70, PTR150, PTR180. We sell new original turbochargers as well as spare parts. We can offer large scoope like NAPIER, KBB, ABB, KKK, MAN and other. We keep an overwhelming majority of new turbochargers as well as spare parts in stock. We have large stocks of spare parts for all common types of: MAN, SULZER, PIELSTICK THUNE EUREKA, CROATIA PUMPE, HAMWORTHY, MPD, KVAERNER, KONCAR, SEVER, ABB, ISKRA, KBB, MAN, NAPIER, VULKAN, JOHN CRANE, PACIFIC, AESSEAL, In our large scope you can find different types of mechancial seals used in mayn products world wide. We can cover: JOHN CRANE, COG, PACIFIC, EAGLE, ASSEAL, WALKER, CHESTERTON, TRELLEBORG, BURGMANN, FLUITEN, VULCAN. Besides mechanical seals we can supply different types of bearings: roller, ball, needle, slide, magnetic, hydrodinamic, rubber and other. Aslo we can supply you with flexible, rigid, fiber, hydraulic and pneumatic couplings. We can offer various types of seals: rubber seals, mechanical seals, pneumatic, piston, polymer seals, labyrinth, bearing, ceramic seals or cartrigde seals. We can supply you with are: NSK, SFK, FAG, TIMCEN, INA, BOCA, SNR, GWG, KOYO, NTN, RKB, LOVEJOY, BALDOR, MAYR, TSUBAKI, DELTA, FLENDER, REICH, STROMAG, VULKAN, JOHN CRANE, PACIFIC, AESSEAL We offer spare parts for the following models: Series type CAB100-15, CAB125-15, CAB150-15, CAB100-25, CAB125-25, CAB150-25, CAC 125 – 25, CAC 150 – 25, CAC 200 – 15, CAC 200 – 25, CAC 250 – 15, CAC 300 – 15, Series type CAD350-12, CAD400-12, CAD500-12, CAD600-12, CAD700-12, C12BA10-14, C22BA12-16, C32BA14-18, C42BB16-20, C42BB18-24, C52BB18-24, C52BB20-28, PUMPS ASAP, PROMPT, URGENCY, IMMEDIATELY, DELIVERY, ON STOCK Series type CGA 50 V48/V84 AAN BAN FAN, CGA 65 V48/V84 AAN BAN FAN, CGB 80 V48/V84 AAN BAN FAN, CGB 100 V48/V84 AAN BAN FAN, CGC 125 V48/V84 AAN BAN FAN, CGC 150 V48/V84 AAN BAN FAN, CGD 200 V48/V84 AAN BAN FAN, CGD 250 V48/V84 AAN BAN FAN, CGE 300 V48/V84 AAN BAN FAN, CGE 350 V48/V84 AAN BAN FAN, Bearings, Linear Motion, Belts & Pulleys, Chain & Sprockets, Maintenance Products, Seals, Motors & Gearboxes, Couplings & Hubs, Dismantling and assembling motor parts (cylinder heads, pistons, coolers, etc), maintaining and repairing motors.Providing assistance to the crew or external technicians with maintenance, guarantee or repair work (reducing the cost of transportation of components to distant workshops). Providing assistance with the routine maintenance of the turbo blowers on main motors. Repairing all types of pumps (centrifugal, coupled, water, fuel, etc). Machining pump housing, impellers, constructing axles and bushings. Repairing impellers through welding on additional material. Repairing exhaust valves through the addition of material and grinding. Repairing air compressors, installing new compressors, reconfiguring banks of pipes and pipe couplings. Repairing generator and port turbo motors. Fuel injector tuning on auxiliary motor injectors, changing nozzles. Constructing single and multiple tailor-made components (based on either a sample or a plan). Constructing axles and transmissions. Repairing and renovating crane pulleys. Replacing crane pulleys and cables. Repairing rollers, fairleads, winches and pulleys. Changing winch brake shoes. Repairing winch arms, spindles and brakes. Adjusting, turning and line boring machine work. Constructing toothed components. Repairing hydraulic cylinders, changing joint kits, chromium plating axles and constructing cylinder pistons. Burnishing generator cylinder sleeves. Turning aluminium pistons in the rings area because of wear. Replacing anchors and chains. Constructing special joints. Machining and adjustment of bearings in electrical motor covers. Repairing electric motor rotor axles. Replacing electric motor bearings. Rewinding Electric Motors. Various Metal fabrications work. Repairs, installations and conversions of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Plants.Pumps & Parts Pulsair Pulsar Pulsation Dampers Pulsed Shock Waves Pultruded Profiles Pump Pump Hackman Pump Hoffman Pump Motors Pump Parts Pump Parts, Allweiler Pump Parts, Azcue Pump Parts, Bornemann Pump Parts, Desmi Pump Parts, Diaphragm Pump Parts, Frank Mohn (Framo) Pump Parts, Garbarino Pump Parts, Gothia Pump Parts, Goulds Pump Parts, Guinard Pump Parts, Hamworthy Pump Parts, Heishin Pump Parts, IMO Pump Parts, Iron Pump Parts, Ishii Pump Parts, Itur Pump Parts, JMW Pump Parts, KSB Pump Parts, Leistritz Pump Parts, M&R Pump Parts, Merser Pump Parts, Mono Pump Parts, Naniwa Pump Parts, Netszch Pump Parts, Nirex Pump Parts, Rotary Lobe Pump Parts, Shin Shin Pump Parts, Pump Parts, Shinkokinzoku Pump Parts, Taiko Kikai Pump Parts, Teikoku, Termomeccanica Pump Parts, Thom Lamont Pump Parts, Thune Eureka Pump Parts, Wilden Pump Seals, Ahlstrom Pump Seals, Borg Warner Pump Seals, Pump Seals, 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Mechanical Seal, Ball Bearing, Coupling with spring discs and spacer, Bronze, NI-AL bronze and case iron, Bronze, NI-AL bronze and Stainless steel, Stainless steel. Vertical in-line pumps with overhung single suction impeller, radially split with rigid coupling. Comes with ball bearings and mechanical seal as an integral unit which enables a very quick maintenance turnaround time. Vertical in-line, single-stage, single/double suction, overhung pumps with rigid coupling, radially split. Option for external bearings/flexible coupling on vertical single suction pumps. Horizontal end suction, single stage, single suction, overhung pumps close-coupled or base-plated with flexible coupling. A whole range of designs for emergency fire pumps for navy vessels such as frigates, destroyers, fleet support vessels and aircraft carriers. Diesel driven fire pumps with integral diesel tank, ensures that the fire pump can be started even in case of a blackout. The diesel driven fire pump is fitted with electric motor starter and with optional emergency hand crank starting.


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