Ball Bearing Eureka CGA CGB CGC CGD CGE

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Marine industry bearings

An integral part of marine and nautical machinery, top quality ball bearings ensure the smooth operation of numerous components and equipment. They are critical for the safe, efficient and optimal functioning of any vessel.

The marine environment is punishing and harsh on a ship’s machinery, ball bearings have to withstand a lot – from corrosive sea water, harsh weather conditions, heavy loads, impact, and shock loads – to name a few challenges.

Ball bearings need to have a robust design to withstand these pushing conditions. In marine engines, ball bearings are a part of propulsion systems. They work by minimizing mechanical degradation and reducing friction between moving parts.

It ensures the machine engine functions at an optimum and prolongs its lifespan. There are different types of ball bearings with diverse applications in the marine industry – plain bearings (include sleeve and journal bearings), thrust bearings (include thrust ball and roller bearings) and rolling element bearings (include ball and roller bearings).

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Ball Bearing Eureka CGA CGB CGC CGD CGE
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