Axial Marine Fan Croatia Uljanik 3MAJ Brodosplit

Axial Fans from Croatia for 3MAJ / Uljanik / Brodosplit vessels

Thrust Ahead!

METRORAD have successfully delivered a replacement custom made axial marine fan for an old deck house ventilation installation at Refrigerated Cargo Ship built in Croatia. Revolutionize deck house ventilation with precision-engineered axial marine fan, purpose-built for Refrigerated Cargo Ships.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate into existing systems high-performance fan ensures steady airflow.

Designed for durability and energy efficiency, provided solution reduces operational costs and environmental impact. Experience seamless retrofitting, robust engineering and support for a maritime excellence!

Axial Marine Fan Croatia Uljanik 3MAJ Brodosplit
Metrorad supply axial marine FAN Brodosplit Croatia