NN Jugotrubina horizontal pump

METRORAD have successfully delivered NN / NNm marine pumps

Two units of customized #centrifugal horizontal volute casing sea-water #pumps with a capacity flow of 5m3/h @ 40 mwc head delivered for our long-term client. Both units are aggregated with new electrical motor drive. The pumps are intended to replace an old #Jugoturbina pumps on board at vehicle ferry. The pump impellers are made of #bronze and are suitable for use with sea-water.

This pump is designed to completely replace old #Jugoturbina and #Eureka systems in #NNm, #NKm, #INm and similar pump families.

The aforementioned horizontal pumps exhibit exceptional durability, robustness, and superior quality, incorporating meticulously engineered components to guarantee uninterrupted operations.

Our primary emphasis lies in optimizing reliability and achieving optimal performance for pump applications. Unparalleled accessibility and outstanding efficiency under the most challenging and critical operating conditions are indispensable prerequisites and non-negotiable quality standards for pumps employed on vessels navigating through open high seas.

Alongside utilizing premium-grade materials, our design prioritizes simplicity, while our responsive aftersales support ensures the swift availability of spare parts.

Rest assured, your pumping systems will possess unwavering strength, enabling you to propel full thrust ahead! #centrifugal #marinepump #pumps


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