CG Eureka Croatia Thune Pumps Spares

METRORAD offers comprehensive solutions for centrifugal pumps and spare parts.

As a renowned specialist in the marine and offshore industry, with over 15 years of experience, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality services and products for various types of vessels and industrial applications.

We specialize in the supply and service of CG centrifugal pumps, particularly for Croatia, Tvornica, Eureka and Thune pumps including models CGA 50/65, CGB 80/100, CGC 125/150, CGD 200/250, and CGE 300/350. These pumps are designed for long-term reliability and are constructed as single-stage vertical centrifugal pumps.

In addition to pumps, METRORAD supplies a broad array of spare parts and overhaul kits. These include repair seal kits that offer economic savings by bundling essential components. This focus on comprehensive spare parts solutions ensures that customers can maintain our equipment efficiently and cost-effectively​.

METRORAD service portfolio extends to various critical systems on vessels, such as deep-well pumps, booster pumps, ballast pumps, and safety relief valves for LNG, LPG, and LEG tankers. We also offer specialized services for LNG, FSRU, and regasification vessels, focusing on high-quality standards and reliability.

By combining extensive technical expertise with a customer-focused approach, METRORAD aims to be the preferred global supplier for pump systems, spare parts, and service solutions in the marine and offshore industries.

CG Eureka Croatia Thune Pumps Spares
CG Eureka Croatia Thune Pumps Spares