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Cast iron vs Bronze – what is the best pump material in the marine industry?

Choosing the best material for pumps in the marine industry presents plenty of challenges. Some materials can be lower cost. However, if the pump requires frequent servicing, experiences failures, or the crew needs to replace components, it can become more costly in the long run.

Sea water is highly corrosive to most metals. That can negatively impact the pump’s performance over time. Salt in the air corrodes the metals further. Likewise, pumps also have to tolerate the damage from the sand.

In choose of proper material it’s obligatory to follow maker’s recommendation and standards. When we talk about Jugoturbina, Tvornica, Croatia, Eureka pump types CGD 200 / CGD 250 materials are defined by additional markings: FAN, BAN, AAN, ASV.


Cast Iron (GG-25)

Cast iron is an affordable option and a popular choice for general-purpose pumps and pumps used for mining or irrigation. Cast iron can handle high-pH liquids and has good abrasion resistance. Manufacturers often choose cast iron to construct casings, impellers, and other pump components because it can handle continuous and significant mechanical stress.

CGD 200 CGD 250 Metrorad Croatia Supply Cast Iron casing.
CGD 200 / CGD 250 Pos. 02 Pump Casing Cast Iron

Bronze (NiAlBr)

Bronze is considered the industry standard for seawater pumps for a good reason. It is highly resistant to corrosion but also high temperatures, which means it can withstand fluctuations in water temperatures.

Also, it is used for impellers because it has higher resistance to cavitation, corrosion, and erosion. However, it’s is a softer metal and can be costly.

Because so many factors come into play when choosing the most suitable material for your pumps, it is essential to seek expert advice to ensure you have the exact pump for your ship’s needs.

Metrorad supply CGD 200 CGD 250 Croatia bronze casing
Metrorad supply of CGD 200 / CGD 250 Bronze Casing pos.02
Eureka CGD 200 CGD 250 Bronze casing vs CGD 200 CGD 250 Cast Iron casing
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