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Successful delivery of horizontal SOK process pumps by METRORAD

Horizontal pumps are essential components in a variety of industrial applications, known for their efficiency and adaptability. These pumps are crucial in sectors such as oil and engineering, owing to their robust design and reliable performance.

Horizontal pumps series like hydrophore or process are expertly crafted to meet the stringent requirements of modern industrial operations. Ready to deliver high performance and durability, making them indispensable in handling challenging tasks.

Their design is highly effective in managing even viscous fluids, which is particularly advantageous for the oil industry making it an excellent choice for applications that demand consistent performance and reliability.

Hydrophore pump horizontal from Croatia type SOK 16-4
Supplied by METRORAD SOK pump type

For marine industry, seeking high-quality horizontal pumps, products supplier by METRORAD represent the reliability and efficiency.

Whether used in the oil sector or other demanding environments, these pumps are designed to meet and surpass operational expectations. Such commitment to improvement, guarantees that METRORAD supply only the high quality products.

In conclusion, the advanced engineering, exceptional service, and continuous innovation make horizontal pumps an ideal choice for industrial applications. With a proven track record and deep industry expertise, METRORAD continue to be trusted partner for all horizontal pump needs.